Sunday, April 4, 2010


mister muleboy said...

love that turnpike

i was in the big city weekend before last

did you go with the "Double-R-Bar" Burger [burger with roast beef], or something less esoteric.

gahd bless!

I don't really remember what you look like. Tall chap?

I'm outta circulation.

Little Johnny Jewel said...

Tony and Molly flew in to JFK.

Boy are their arms tired.

Went and picked them up via Molly Pitcher. Actually, maybe that's Walt Whitman.

Keep an eye out, they're roaming around your nation's capitol today.
They fly out from IAD on Thursday.

About 6'0".

mister muleboy said...

About 6'0".

look out.

I was that height once myself.

The I became 5'11". And I fear 5'10" is around le corner

I prefer Molly Pitcher to Walt Whitman. Molly was John McCauley's great, great, great, great aunt.

Just a fine, fine, fine person